Trend Sigma - Riding the monster wave

Trend Sigma's main operation is trading of investments. Yes, we are investotraders. For that we have a blog dedicated to finding special market situations.

It is called: TS

TS stands for Trend Sigma or alternatively for trading systems. As it happens, it also coincides with the initials of my name, which is unimportant in this context.

Trading system?

Right, for trading you need a system, and we have quite some of them. Just look at the right...

Why so many trading systems?

For one, there is no such thing as the trading system. The system you use must match your personality. You have to find your personal trading style. Then there is another reason. Many of the systems that you see categorized on the right are "outlier systems". I have tried to think out of the box and come up with something creative, even strange, or at least new.

To make the confusion complete, we are using only one system here at Trend Sigma...

... and that is build around finding significant trends -- Trend Sigma -- and trade in and out of them. At its best, we are going to hold the position simply as long as possible after we got safely in. More on that strategy later, at the inside...

In this spirit, here is an idea: Just have a look at the blog. We also think it's worth to subscribe to it. You will receive market observations regarding interesting trends at a calm pace.

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Good luck with taming the random demon,