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Bitcoin tries a restart

After a long slump comes finally the next attempt. Will this one lead to old highs? Probably not, but… …nonetheless it could be traded. Always try to get in early when the time comes, but be prepared to get shaken out. Retry and eventually you will be on board for the long run and then […]  -- read more

Will Augur become the new global market?

Cryptocurrency Augur (REP) doubled within a week. Augur is a “betting coin” or a decentralized prediction market that uses game theory. The news that seems to drive the price currently is a new system called Veil. This thing wants to be useful for trading everything under the sun. In very short words: Veil wants to […]  -- read more

Microbot runs up on patent grant

Microbot Medical (MBOT) is on a terrific intraday run after the grant of a patent by the European Patent Office. Currently it is up 233% compared to yesterday’s close.  -- read more

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How does the TS system work?

In very simple words: We look for potentially major trends and offer short-term trading systems and strategies to get on board of such a megatrend. Important is the selection and also important is the trading style. Most important is the willingness (yours) to wrestle with the giants instead of trying to pick up peanuts. Of course, the above sounds easy while it is absolutely not easy. There are some details...

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