Trading systems for our trend alerts

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Trend Sigma ?

The TS money making operation is about promising trend trading systems and the sigma indicates that we are searching for high probability or high potential money ideas.

We are covering three types of alerts:

  • Interesting growth stock situations.
  • Potentially undervalued penny stocks.
  • Possible day trades with strong momentum.

The first type of trend alerts is special in that they are not generally a direct buy signal. You will need a trading system for these alerts:

  • The Trend Scalper carves out smaller swings in longer lasting trends. Swing trading the trend. It's fully automated and useful if you have difficulties to execute the trades or are otherwise psychologically challenged. That happens, more often than most traders and even more so investors are ready to admit!
  • from the site. Our recommendation for a modern trend system that is a successor of the Nicolas Darvas method.

Trading penny stocks is also difficult, because you can easily make everything wrong there. Volatility is huge and so is the possible damage. A working system is necessary:

  • is for those who want convenience. We are betting here on statistical potential without quarrelling too much with fundamental data, technical analysis or monitoring the market constantly.

Executing the day trade alerts is relatively simple:

  • Just hit the buy button and hold the position until the end of the day. A useful stop is the low of the current day. If your position has moved well above your entry point, consider extending the day trade into a swing trade.

Our trading alerts can be understood as trading ideas that still need a trading system for the exact timing and/or entry level determination. There are many other trading systems described on the Trend Sigma network, but the above suggested ones are the best matching systems for our trend alerts.

Finally, there is one more ingredient necessary for successful trading:

Good luck,

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