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Stock and crypto trading vs other market activities

The Trend Sigma trading system is all you need for trading successfully stocks ans other assets. Compared with other financial markets stocks and crypto outrival them all, as they have a dirty secret:

  • Forex is a fight against the spread and rollover in an otherwise randomized market. There may be long-term trends at times, but in the short run you are fighting chaos.

  • Commodities and other future markets had their time, decades ago, when large trends made millionaires. Times have changed. Of course, there is still the occasional market with a long standing driving force producing a nice trend, but mostly prices move chaotically. The name of the game became not to fall victim to the next false breakout.

  • Options are like a lottery. Not only are gains huge for the winner, but the odds are against you -- and that more than you think!

If you are active in other markets and may want to reassess the idea to switch to stock and crypto trading:

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Make the right investment now and transform yourself into a successful true trend trader.

T. Silverstone

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