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The meaningful trend

Trends can have a real reason and they can emerge by random. Both variations look similar in the chart, but they are different. True trends with a real reason, a driving force behind it, have a much higher probability to go ahead. They gave this site its name as the symbol Sigma is associated with volatility, validity, and quality.

Chart readers believe otherwise with thinking everything is in the chart. So true and so wrong. Of course, every cause that influenced the price is in the chart. But the chartist doesn't know what causes had done what effect by just looking at the chart and so they don't know whether these will be still at work in the future.

Evangelists of fundamental analysis believe also otherwise. They ignore the chart completely. Everything seems to be elsewhere for them. Let them dream their dream. The practitioner knows that the market over and over demonstrated that it had known something before our smart fundamental analyzer did.

The Secret

The Trend Sigma system tries to put both worlds together. Important is to detect real trends. The trend is the best chart formation and the strongest technical hint that something is going on there. Eventually all systems are trend trading systems, because after the entry your position should start trending like hell. So, if the trend is already there, all the better. Ignoring its message would be stupid. Not be willing to think about the reasons for a trend is convenient, not more.

Trend trading is more lenient with another investing parameter, and that is valuation. We leave the magic number crunching of false and missing information to our dreaming investors.

There are two ingredients for trend trading with the Trend Sigma system:

  1. Preselecting trading candidates that show a trend and have a good reason for it. A concentration on opportunities with a real motor behind it dramatically improves the result. Trading is a probabilities game.
  2. A trading system that actually determines when to buy and when to sell. We need a foothold to optimize the process but also to stay psychologically healthy.

For part two, the trading system, there are vastly different principles possible. Let us have a look at two:

  • The Trend Scalper system accepts that there are contra-swings in every trend and uses, for instance, a neural AI software to convert these in additional profit. That also assures a working stop system, the best friend of all trend trading methods.
  • A trading system that tries to get on a trend again and again. This repetition demands a system that minimizes the stop losses. In its simplest form you would try to get every day in, as long as it is an up-day, with a stop at the day low. That works! And it is almost as simple as buy and hold, which doesn't work -- at least not that well. We are circling in on the Trend Sigma system...

The markets are tough. A little success is offered to many, but only few can rake in huge profits. The trend beast is your best chance and with a Sigma trend you come one step closer to tame and milk it.

So, how to find such meaningful trends and trade them the right way?

In some way it is simple...

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