Trend Sigma
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Trend Sigma - fast outlier wealth

There have always been huge trends in the markets. They are best characterized by the one thing they have in common: The typical trader and investor missed them!

Here is our approach to change that. On the surface it is quite simple...

  1. Trade only significant trends. Such a trend has to have an underlying reason with a large potential for change. It must be an outlier -- Trend Sigma. We are trying to find those chances.

  2. Try to get on the trend with a system that keeps losses in check. If a trend is there, it will survive the stop. If it doesn't survive, there is no trend. This part is the art of trading and it needs a system.

  3. If a trade is far enough in the black, disconnect the entry system and hold the position with a stop near the original entry and switch to a system that allows for larger retracements.

...but the devil is in the details:

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